“Incumbent Pam McConnell has served as a staunch opponent of the Ford administration, especially on budget cuts that would have hurt some of this city’s most vulnerable people. She warrants re-election.”

— Toronto Star

“Pam McConnell is a strong and experienced leader who knows how to gets things done. Whether it is at City Council or in the neighbourhoods, she is able to bring people together, work through opposing positions, and reach a resolution that is good for the community and the city. These efforts are most apparent in her work on delivering the community’s vision in the West Don Lands. We need Pam’s leadership to continue getting results for all of us.”

— George Smitherman, Former MPP, Toronto Centre

“Pam is an outstanding City Councillor. With deep roots in the ward, she is an energetic activist with an impressive record of fighting to ensure everyone has access to free recreation, childcare, affordable housing, and student nutrition programs. She has been a tireless advocate of equality and social justice.”

– Linda McQuaig, Journalist and Author

“Pam McConnell plays a central role in making this a healthy and liveable city for all. She has a well-earned reputation as one of Toronto’s most effective and influential municipal representatives. Pam is a tireless advocate for the community while being open, responsive, and accessible to all residents.”

–David Crombie, Former Toronto Mayor

“A+ – A perfect score!”

–Toronto Environmental Alliance, Enviro Report Card, 2010-14

“A – Outstanding: champions the value of the arts to municipal life, knows the issues, commits to strong municipal support for the arts”

–ArtsVote, Report Card 2014

“A – Widely respected as a thoughtful strategist on difficult issues.”

– Toronto & York Region Labour Council, City Council Report Card, 2010 – 2014

“Transit Champion”

– TTCriders, Analysis of City Councillors’ Transit Votes

“Her voting record has remained strongly against the Coalition’s initiatives.”

– Toronto Taxpayers Coalition

Endorsed Candidate

Toronto & York Region Labour Council
The Bulletin

“Pam has always been a strong advocate for the arts in Cabbagetown. She has enthusiastically supported the annual Cabbagetown Art and Crafts fair in Riverdale Park for the past 26 years. We need her voice at City Council to ensure arts programming is available in all of Toronto’s neighbourhoods.”

– Randy Brown, Cabbagetown Resident, Founder and Executive Director ‎of Cabbagetown Art & Crafts

“Pam has always been a strong advocate for co-operative housing. She worked to create the first new co-op in over a decade at 60 Richmond, and now she is working on bringing two new co-ops on the footprint of Regent Park. Just as important, she is fighting to maintain the units that we already have. As Vice-Chair of the Social-Economic Development Committee at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, Pam is a recognized across the country as a leader on addressing the end of the federal operating agreements and pushing the federal government to invest in a national housing strategy. Pam is the experienced leader we need at City Hall.”

–Beata Domanska, Co-op Member

“Pam is the best person to represent us at City Hall. She supports efforts to improve accessibility and inclusion at all City facilities, and she always makes sure that everyone’s voice is heard. Pam works hard to improve connections in the community and that the services and programs are there when we need them.”

– Eleanor MacDonald, Co-op Member

“When the Riverdale Farm was under threat of closing, Pam worked with community groups to come up with a resolution to Council that has allowed the Farm to remain an active part of Cabbagetown and the city. No other City Councillor works harder or is better prepared than Pam. She is always accessible to residents, listens to community problems, and works to fix them.”

– Marilyn Marshall, Carlton Street Resident

“Pam has a clear vision for Toronto and cities in general, and she works to make this vision a reality both at City Hall and through her leadership role with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. At the same time, she attends to the specific resident and neighbourhood concerns and projects that make our neighbourhood a better place to live. Few elected officials successfully balance these two priorities, and Pam does both effectively.”

– John Campey, Ontario Street Resident

“Pam McConnell is an excellent representative for us at City Council. She listens to our concerns, thinks about the solutions, and acts to implement them. From large scale projects like waterfront development to local beautification projects such as parks and streetscape improvements, she is always there with us to make our community the best that it can be.”

– Dennis Findlay, Dundas Street Resident

“Pam has been a good friend of St. Jude Community Homes and of consumer/survivors. She listens to resident’s concerns and acts on them. She has been a dynamic force for progressive policies around supportive and affordable housing. I am pleased to endorse Pam for re-election to City Council.”

– Neil McQuaid, Supportive Housing Advocate

“Pam has grown with our community and stays in touch with our issues. No one knows our communities better. She’s been instrumental in shaping the evolving downtown landscape into a liveable place for everyone here.”

– Lisa Stephens Immen, Cabbagetown South Resident

“I have dedicated my life to ending child and family poverty – for 20 years as Executive Director of Christian Children’s Fund of Canada, and since my retirement, volunteering with committees at the Anglican Diocese of Toronto and the June Callwood Campaign Against Child Poverty. Pam understands that a healthy community means that everyone has an equal place at the table. Pam works hard for all residents and makes sure that services are there when we need them. She knows how to get things done.”

– Peter Harris, Corktown Resident

“In Corktown, we have all the issues of both old, established and new, developing urban areas. There is a wide array of social and infrastructure issues which place great demands on elected officials and their staff. Pam McConnell has both the energy and personality to harness her years of experience to get things done for the community.”

– Larry Webb, Corktown Resident

“Pam is a hardworking and passionate champion for Corktown and the West Don Lands. She has gone to bat time and time again as we plan for transformation of transit, streets and parks that enhance the community and connect it to the new waterfront neighbourhoods. She knows how to bring people together to build a city we can all be proud of.”

–Cindy Wilkey, West Don Lands Committee Co-Chair

“It’s impossible to overstate how much Pam has contributed to transforming our neighbourhood from a once dreary, neglected area to today’s vibrant community. We know that the same generous help and support she has given to us in the Distillery District has been there for every corner of her ward. Toronto’s downtown would be a much less liveable place without Pam as our Councillor.”

– Julie Beddoes, Distillery District Resident

“This last term of Council was filled with too many frustrations and distractions, but Pam McConnell stayed focussed on what needed to be done and made sure our community was protected. When the Mayor and his brother tried to hijack the Port Lands and throw out years of planning and public consultation, Pam worked with CodeBlueTO and residents to fight back. She succeeded in gathering a coalition of Councillors to vote in favour of maintaining the work of Waterfront Toronto and the community’s vision. Pam’s skills and leadership are an incredible asset to Toronto.”

– Lester Brown, Distillery District Resident

“Pam appreciates our neighbourhood, with its unique and special challenges. She ensures that the evolution the Distillery District preserves and celebrates its rich heritage, and has brought all the lands of the First Parliament Building Site under public ownership. She actively works with residents to solve problems, giving us a voice and providingd the on-the-ground representation that is required to get things done for our community.”

– Victor Razgaitis, Distillery District Resident

“Before becoming an outstanding member of City Council, Pam served her Toronto Island constituents as our school board trustee. She championed the building of the new Island Public and Natural Science School, which opened near Gibraltar Point in 1999. After so many years of seeing only destruction, the opening of this beautiful new school was a beacon of hope to all of us. I know that Pam will continue to support the island community in our many efforts to strengthen and improve this neighbourhood.”

– Liz Amer, former City Councillor and long-time Islander

“Pam McConnell understands that streetscapes are a vital part of our transportation infrastructure, and she works hard to improve the safety and connectivity of the bike network and pedestrian realm. She has vigorously supported the cycle tracks on Wellesley and Sherbourne, and she continues to improve the connections between the downtown and the waterfront. Pam is a dedicated public servant who deserves the support of Ward 28.”

– Alan Heisey, Island Resident and Cycling Advocate

“Pam McConnell is one of the best councillors at Toronto City Hall. She is creative and resourceful in representing the interests of her constituents and what is best for the city. She has supported initiatives like community policing, expanding free recreation programs, and affordable housing. Just as important, she is a true leader on Council in the fight against jets and expansion of the Island Airport. Not only is she a staunch critic of the Island Airport and the Toronto Port Authority, but she has the experience and skills to build coalitions and find support across party lines. Pam knows how to get things done at City Council.”

– Barry Lipton, Island Resident

“Pam is one of the most accessible, pro-active, and forward-thinking members on Council. Her support of the Island community has been consistent and responsive, including having Council approve the creation of a Toronto Islands Advisory Committee for greater accountability and consultation into communications, transportation, and sustainable use of the Islands. At the same time, she represents all Torontonians through her excellent work on city-wide issues and at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. We will need her experience and level head at Council.”

– Pam Mazza, Island Resident

“Pam is passionate about Regent Park and dedicated to helping make this the best community in the city. As a resident who is part of the relocation into a terrific new unit, I’ve seen how involved and enthusiastic she has been every step of the way. She is also making sure our community remains safe and healthy. ”

– Neil Clarke, Regent Park Resident

“We relocated our family and dance company from Montreal to this dynamic and diverse community, and we are amazed at how much Toronto has grown and flourished in the last fourteen years. Pam McConnell has played a large role in making this a welcoming and liveable city. Her support for the arts, children, youth, seniors, and families are making a real difference in Toronto.”

– Bill Coleman & Laurence Lemieux, Co-Artistic Directors of Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie

“Pam is a tireless advocate for affordable housing and accessible services. She takes a long-term approach to building healthy communities for people of all ages and backgrounds, making sure that everyone feels included. Our community and our city need Pam McConnell to work for us at City Council.”

– Mike Creek, Resident of Regent Park

“Pam McConnell is a passionate community advocate, with a track record you can point to throughout the ward. It’s most evident in Regent Park, which is held up as a leading example for mixed income neighbourhoods and local job creation.”

– Jennifer Hollett, Regent Park Resident and Community Organizer

“Pam McConnell is not only a driving force in the Regent Park revitalization, she listens to residents in building our neighbourhood. She worked with us on the aquatic centre and made sure that the design was what we needed so everyone could use and enjoy it. We need Pam to keep working for us in Regent Park and at City Hall.”

– Sureya Ibrahim, Regent Park Resident

“Pam McConnell knows Regent Park like no other politician in this country. Throughout the revitalization, she has ensured not only that community networks and services have continued to thrive, but that they are matched by beautiful public facilities, spaces and housing that are a source of pride for residents. There’s no need to wonder how Pam votes when it comes to creating new affordable housing, protecting and supporting subsidized daycare, and creating opportunity for residents. Pam does her job with integrity and heart — and we need her to continue working for us at City Hall.”

– Kate Sellar, Regent Park Resident and Human Rights Lawyer

“Pam has a great amount of experience from her many years as a City Councillor. She has always been a great friend to our community, and we are very pleased with how she represents us. We have approached her many, many times about the needs of our community, and she always delivers. Pam looks after everyone’s interest, and she is a strong voice for us at City Council.”

– Ricky Castellvi, St. James Town Activist

“Pam McConnell has worked with determined energy for major improvements that have brought social and economic benefits to some of the most challenging areas of the downtown core and has upheld community input while doing so. She’s held true to her vision of supporting neighborhoods that thrive in their architectural and cultural diversity, sustaining a sense of community and City involvement. Pam is an experienced and adept representative for the needs of her constituency.”

– Lee Persolja, Glen Road Resident

“Pam is the only person who can represent us at City Hall. She knows our neighbourhood, listens to the residents, and works hard for all of us. Pam doesn’t just talk about what needs to be done – she goes out and gets it done. She worked to bring us a community centre, got us a library, assists our seniors group, and supports us in good times and bad. She never gave up on bringing an Aquatic Centre to St. James Town which is now being delivered. Whenever our community is in need, Pam is always the first one there for us, and she sticks with us until the end.”

– Raji Sivasubramaniam, Resident of 275 Bleecker

“As business owners in the South Market and stakeholders in the neighbourhood, we know how hard Pam McConnell works for this community. Not only has she kept the North Market project moving forward despite the difficult times, she makes sure that we have the tools to make the Market even better. She moved to create the St. Lawrence Market Precinct Advisory Group, bringing City staff to work with local stakeholders and experts from across the city to achieve lasting improvements to this landmark. Her determination and leadership are essential in this community and at City Hall.”

– Robert Biancolin, Carousel Bakery
Odysseas Gounalakis, Scheffler’s Deli & Cheese

“It is always a great pleasure working with Pam McConnell. We served together on the CHFT Board where she worked to build diverse and healthy neighbourhoods with co-op housing. Years later we worked together on the Pedestrian Safety Committee in the St. Lawrence, getting more traffic signal crossings and improving the timing so that seniors can cross more easily. As a Councillor and as a community person, no one works harder than Pam. Pam is, and has always been, a voice of reason on Council”

– Dorothy Creaser, Resident of Old York Towers Seniors Non-Profit

“Our city and our country are facing a housing crisis. Pam McConnell doesn’t just talk about the problem. She is focused on action. She pushes for repairs and upgrades in the current housing stock. Pam works to create new housing, such as the recently opened seniors and family buildings, along with the non-profits coming to the West Don Lands. Pam McConnell is the Councillor this city needs to stand up for safe and secure affordable housing and get real results.”

– Brian Eng, Housing Activist

“Pam understands the need to make our parks and public spaces safe, comfortable, and beautiful for all residents of all ages. As our Councillor, Pam has consulted with residents and businesses, built consensus among local stakeholders, and worked closely with City staff on a vision for Berczy Park. Thanks to her work and skills at bringing people together, the park will not only enhance the appearance of our neighbourhood but will also be a centrepiece and source of pride for the whole community.”

– Dennis Glasgow, St. Lawrence Resident

“Pam is one of the best bridge builders I have seen. When the North Market project was in jeopardy, she mobilized groups, reached out to Councillors across party lines, and succeeded in moving the project forward. She has also been a champion to ensure that the St. Lawrence be recognized as a Heritage Conservation District. She secured the funding for the plan that will support intelligent growth. Pam’s inclusive approach supports neighbourhoods and builds communities.”

–Suzanne Kavanagh, Member, North Market Working Group, and Chair, St. Lawrence Heritage Conservation District

“Pam McConnell continues to be a tireless advocate for the First Parliament Buildings Site. With a difficult administration in the Mayor’s Office, Pam was able to bring all of the lands under public ownership because of her years of experience and fierce determination. Now she has brought together a working group of neighbourhood stakeholders and City staff to work on a suitable commemoration of this important historical site. I know that Pam will make this happen.”

– Rollo Myers, Heritage Authority and Award Winner

“Pam McConnell has been my City Councillor for the eleven years I have lived on Queens Quay. She is always approachable and has assigned staff to work with residents and businesses here to make the Waterfront Revitalization come true. We need her commitment and knowledge of City Hall.”

– Ulla Colgrass, Waterfront Resident

“When our neighbourhood association first asked for Pam’s help to get the PATH connection to the Waterfront, she has supported us all the way, and she delivered. Pam is absolutely the best representative for a healthy and accessible Waterfront, with the skills to work with residents and a Big City Vision that is lacking in many of our civic leaders.”

–Braz Menezes, Waterfront Resident

“The Waterfront is going through exciting changes, and only someone with experience will make sure it is done right. Pam has brought together stakeholders to re-imagine Harbour Square Park and the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal, to make it a true gateway to the Islands. She is also the strongest voice on Council, fighting against the Island Airport expansion. Pam has the skills and the knowledge to help us build a clean, accessible, and healthy waterfront community that everyone can enjoy.”

– Bob Rasmussen, Waterfront Resident