• Pam McConnell works with the community to create new parks and rejuvenate existing parks. Pam brings residents together to build vibrant, successful neighbourhood spaces.

  • Pam McConnell worked with the community to create a comprehensive precinct plan for the West Don Lands. Pam's leadership provided a clear vision for building a successful community, accelerated by the Pan Am Games development.

  • Pam McConnell continues to lead the fight on City Council against jets and Island Airport expansion. Pam is committed to protecting the Islands as a destination for everyone to enjoy.

  • Pam McConnell has been a driving force in the Regent Park revitalization since its very beginning. Pam works with residents to deliver facilities and services to transform this neighbourhood into a prosperous, mixed income community.

  • Pam McConnell fought to build the community centre to provide recreation programs and a library for St. James Town. Pam never gave up on delivering the aquatic centre, which is now ready to be built.

  • Pam McConnell brought together stakeholders to plan the new St. Lawrence North Market. Pam fought to protect this important project, and she is a passionate champion of city building initiatives.

  • Pam McConnell has brought investment in important public spaces and accelerated plans for affordable housing on the waterfront. Pam works to make the new waterfront community healthy and inclusive.

  • Pam McConnell has created much needed housing and is fighting for co-ops that are losing their federal operating agreements. Pam is the strongest voice for affordable housing on City Council.

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It is a great privilege to serve as your City Councillor.

While the last four years have been very challenging, I am proud of what we have accomplished together.

I am very grateful and honoured to get to represent and work with the residents of Ward 28 for another four years. We have an amazing community and I’m proud of what we have done together.

The election is over, but our work is just beginn…ing. I look forward to working with our new mayor and council.

Thank you to all of the amazing volunteers who gave their time over the last few weeks. From leaflet stuffers who got tens of thousands of pieces of information ready to go out, to our phone bank full of enthusiastic voices, to our dedicated data entry team and the amazing canvassers who pounded the pavement and pulled the vote, this was truly a team effort and I appreciate the work that everyone put into this campaign.

Thank you for your support!

For constituency matters, please contact my City Hall office at Councillor_McConnell@toronto.ca or call 416-392-7916, and visit my website at www.pammcconnell.ca

“Incumbent Pam McConnell has served as a staunch opponent of the Ford administration, especially on budget cuts that would have hurt some of this city’s most vulnerable people. She warrants re-election.”

— Toronto Star


Working with the community, we have protected programs and services that our city depends upon.

We have also made some real progress – securing the First Parliament Site lands, opening the new Regent Park Aquatic Centre, new bike lanes, parks and streetscape improvements, and moving forward on a new aquatic centre for Wellesley Community Centre.

This coming term of Council will bring an opportunity to make this a better city. I have the experience to work with a new Mayor to build Toronto into a great place to live, work, and play, while meeting the unique needs of our neighbourhoods.

With your support, I will continue to work with you and be our community’s voice at City Hall.

About Pam

Pam McConnell has a strong record of working with residents and groups to build healthy communities
for all Torontonians.

Now in her sixth term as a City Councillor, Pam continues to oversee the development of Regent Park,
including the recently opened Aquatic Centre, the Regent Park central park, and the new Community
Centre that will open in 2015.

With community members, Pam is leading the improvements in the St. Lawrence Market Precinct,
securing funding for the new North Market building, streetscape improvements, and a framework to
highlight the neighbourhood’s heritage.

Her ongoing work with residents includes building a new, vibrant neighbourhood in the East Bayfront,
improvements to green spaces in St. James Town, Harbour Square Park and the Jack Layton Ferry
Terminal, Wellesley Park, and Berczy Park.



During the last term of Council, Pam spearheaded many important policy initiatives, such as fighting airport expansion, blocking the downtown casino, saving the Port Lands from reckless development, expansion of free recreation programming, re-initiating the Gardner Expressway Environmental Assessment, and ensuring full public consultation for the downtown relief line.

Pam serves as one of Toronto’s representatives on the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) Board of Directors, where she is also Vice-Chair of the Social Economic Development Committee. Some of her significant work at FCM has been in the formation of the action plan to encourage and support women seeking municipal office, and the creation of materials and programs being implemented across the country.

Pam is also the City’s representative at United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), an international organization of municipalities that shares experiences and foster programs that increase democracy and social inclusion. In addition to being a keynote speaker and panelist at UCLG meetings, she was recently appointed to the Executive Bureau.


As Chair of the Toronto Police Services Board from 2004 to 2005, and Vice-Chair from 2005 to 2010, Pam
worked to address racial profiling in the Service, challenging the police complaints system to ensure
independent civilian oversight, bringing community policing back to the City’s neighbourhoods, and
launching an investigation into paid duty to save tax dollars.

Some of Pam’s initial work as a Councillor focused on children. As a member of the Children and Youth
Action Committee, she led the campaign against user fees in City recreation centres and developed the
Children’s Report Card. This work for children and youth continues, and in 2005, she celebrated the
opening of the Wellesley Community Centre, the first community centre in Toronto since amalgamation.

After living for almost 40 years in Cabbagetown, Pam and her family now reside in the revitalized Regent


You can contact Pam’s campaign at pam.mcconnell.2014@gmail.com